“When I began my coaching I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I think in therapy I always expected to put my feelings in touch with my reason and work through things methodically.  Coaching isn’t like that at all.
(Choose your own ending:)

  1. It’s like someone handing you a great big water balloon of joy and saying, “race you through that briar patch!”
  2. It’s a way around method.  Its tools are more subtle and more direct and I found myself knowing things in a place beyond reason.  The enormous benefit to me was that the challenge of integrating that found knowledge was not only given to reason but to all of me.
  3. It’s like a looking glass you can see into and the you there beckons “come on and play!”
  4. It distrusts reason.  It wants a purer gauge of how life is and then it hands you the tools to shape it more deftly.”

-Jarad Bingham


“I originally hired Connie as a writing coach.  Come to find out that I didn’t want to be writing for a general audience at the moment, but simply for myself.  Connie provides a safe place to play with those pieces of my inner being who have either been chained down by no-longer-needed rules or who have never had a voice in the past.  What a gift!”
Jennifer Voss, Certified Master Life Coach


“It’s amazing how we walk through life so numb to what our true self… our essential self… is screaming out for us to hear. Imagine if you could be heard… I’m talking truly heard. Have you ever been so heard, so understood, that tears well up in your eyes instantly… The kind of heard and knowing that bring such a profound soul opening that it is as if a cork was popped… Launching across the room of your heart allowing the years of bottled up stuff to flow freely… This is what happened when I first met with Connie. Her ability to be fully present and fully loving is astounding. I wonder now how I managed to go 32 years on this planet without the tools that life coaching has given me. I have said it before and will continue to say it to anyone willing to listen… “Have you ever heard of life coaching? Seriously, it will blow your mind” Connie describes her purpose as “helping stuck people get unstuck” I was stuck… very stuck. With the help of Connie, I flow, life flows, relationships flow, vision and purpose flow. I could not have asked for a better life coach and fellow dreamer than Connie.”

Chad Mellon, International Photographer, www.chadmellon.com


“Coaching with Connie is nothing short of soul cleansing. She has the ability to laser in and encourage you to face what you cannot see for yourself, name it, and find your way out and into your best self. So many times she has made me see the good that I have to offer and could not see for myself.  A coaching session with her is like a warm, comforting blanket with a cup of tea where insights come into the room and land in your heart.

Connie’s energy and light is a huge gift to the world and will change lives. I know it has mine.  I am so proud to call her my coach, my friend, and my soul sister!”
Susan Foster, Certified Life Coach

“Connie’s strengths include clear seeing, gentle guidance, and broad perspective. She is insightful, caring, and innovative. When coaching with her I feel safe, challenged, and  expansive. Through coaching I learned better how to shed outer skin for new growth, use creative masks theatrically, and that I can hit the restart button indefinitely.”
Mike Falcone, Acupuncturist


“I’ve learned and accomplished a lot in business.  There have been many “business” coaches in my life.  But Connie is the one coach that taught me how to marry business with my integrity, my spirituality, my life as a whole.   When I work with her, I know that I am being held by someone and something bigger than I can describe and whose only interest is in my greatest well being.  Thanks for helping me always return to my true compass.  You are a gift to this world.”
Jenn Suarez, Certified Life coach
Suarez and Associates
“My seven or so months under your tutelage made my transition from working life to retirement a seamless garment. You helped me realize that I could cross this bridge with little or no stress, that I could in fact enjoy the transition. Thank you for all you did to help me.”
Mary Terrell Cargill  Ph.D.
(Happily Retired English Professor)

“Connie has a sixth sense for the spiritual.  And she loves feather boas. That is my kind of combination. Loving God’s many names and not afraid to spice it up. She’s helped my explore the sky because she does so first.”
Rebecca Mullen, Certified Life Coach
“i invited them
all the parts i hadn’t met
to come and party.”
-jim mom, client.

“Intelligent, articulate, well-informed, and thoughtful. Connie is a generous woman with a creative and searching spirit.  She has a keen sense and faith in human nature.  Her ongoing self-development as a writer and life coach is inspiring.  ”
Holly Lau
Writer, Dancer, Dreamer
“Connie is a compassionate coach and has a unique ability of tapping into your right brain to get to the crux of your issue. She listens hard, hones in on what really matters most and brings you to a place of calm and peace. As a coach, she’s so comforting and reassuring, always noticing intently but never judging. She has truly helped me move on in areas of my life where I felt absolutely stuck and has shown me a clear path where I could find some “wiggle room”.  I love her coaching style and would recommend her highly. She’s full of warmth, love and understanding.”
Maria Frias, Certified Life Coach www.mariafrias.com

“I am a writer. Can anything be more important to me professionally than voice? And yet, unbeknownst to me, I was shying away from what I had to say. My “moment of truth” lacked clarity, strength, and conviction, especially when the message carried any hint of contrariness. “Unbeknownst,” I say. But, really, I felt the pause, the hesitation, the skittishness of a horse side-stepping at the sight of a copperhead whenever I was asked to explain what my work was about. Connie Cruthirds, my wonderful Life Coach, said in a way that I could hear (so important!), “What you have to say matters. To you,” she amended by adding thereto. “The distinction is in following your business,” she explained. “Moving life forward based on your observations. What others do with your observations is their business.” The importance of saying directly what I felt with such passion that I had spent hours, months, years writing it: how obvious was that? Well, it wasn’t obvious until I worked with Connie and slowly began to make out the shape of this lump that lay in the path of where I wanted to be. Clarity of voice.  Strength of voice. Conviction of voice. Will I ever be able to thank Connie enough?”
Ellen Prewitt

Regarding a Small Group Experience
“I loved being led and held in the intentional, loving circle of women. A beautiful container to embrace the sacredness of time passing and the power of intentional connection to Self and other goddesses.”
Valentine Leonard, Ph.D.
Founding Director of MeWE (The Memphis Writers Ensemble)

“You have a calming aura about you.  You are open and honest. You genuinely want to help. I felt wrapped in a warm cloud of love and warm where it’s all about me.
I think you’re an amazing person and your coaching changed my life.”
Nikii Richey
Artist (Designer of my beautiful logo)
“You are empathic, inspirational, highly intuitive.
I feel understood/Seen, grounded, connected, warm, nurtured, loved.
You have a way of plugging into people; filling them with your celestial knowing/understanding/love – leaving them feeling nourished and connected. You are soul food, Connie.”
Amy Pickle
Owner, “PickleI.T.”
“Words to describe Connie: empathetic, listening, curiosity, unconditional support, authentic, centered, supportive. By helping clarify my rambling thoughts and cares, your friendship has helped me find solutions to my own problems.”
Dr. Bonita Lyons

“I feel well taken care of. You are a fabulous leader when you coach. You pull me along to the places I need to see/discover in order to grow and expand. And you do it in the most gentle way. I feel like I am fully ‘in the river’ of my life when you coach me. You are like the river guide standing on the bank, with a life jacket on, telling me that the water is warm and my inner tube is ready for me and that I am going to love the ride.”
Houkje Ross, Certified Life Coach, Writer, Editor