The Inner Play Date: Taking Time Out to Check In

In a world filled with tweets and dings,

“PM’s” and “WTH’s”, and more “To Do’s than “Ta Da’s”

Sometimes we choose to hit the PAUSE button

For just a little while.

When? Tuesday, June 18, 2013…….. 10am PT / 1pm ET

What? A 75 minute guided journey through breath work, visualization, metaphor, and meditation to be deeply seen and heard by your very own self.

Where? From the comforts of your own environment via your own phone. A conference line number will be provided upon registration.

Cost? $15 One Time Only Introductory Offer (This will become a series this fall with a fee. This one is a gift from me to you.)

Who? The first 10 people that sign up

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Say hello to your heart, listen to your soul, relax, and key up your curiosity.
  • Check up on the inner state of you.
  • Learn tools to guide your own self through brief or longer “time ins”.
  • Disconnect from the over connected world and reconnect to you and the divine guidance available to you
  • Breathe and play
  • Bump into some “Aha’s” and “Ta Da’s”

Is it time for an inner recess? If so, then join on in!

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