I team up with other life coaches to offer several retreats each year. During these three – four day journeys, we offer opportunity to reconnect the scattered parts of ourselves and learn to play while fully living at a whole new level. I will keep you updated!

Hire me as a Retreat Leader!
Topics include:

  • Life Coaching
  • Life debris Removal
  • Living in your body
  • Clear out the Clutter and breathe again
  • From least satisfaction to greater satisfaction
  • Shifting form a -4 to +10 living
  • Metaphor: The Wildly Surprising Path to Freedom
  • Shifting your Stinking Thinking
  • From stuck to unstuck
  • Creating Life Flow
  • Bringing out your inner funkiness
  • From Writer’s Block to free flow
  • Improving communication
  • Play Big, Dream Big

I am open to inquiry.
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I absolutely love this community work!