My philosophy

With over 20 years experience in facilitation, I am passionate about small groups. I believe this has always been part of my truest calling. Even as a little girl, if there was an opportunity to create a little community between interesting bugs, mud pie bakers or Barbie’s I was in! I am fascinated by the dynamics that occur when a group gathers around a common theme. Whether the topic is life, a book, transitions, a powerful question, etc. there is an amazing opportunity to cultivate a collective energy that allows deep and playful work to grow in the midst. I am amazed at what unfolds and am honored to facilitate the adventure –

Over the past two decades, it has become clear that the foundation and great success for these groups isn’t based solely on great content. After a few years, I began to notice that many people signed up over and over and again for the next series I was offering often without asking what we would be covering. I became very curious. Sure, content matters, but I realized what matters most is the “container” that holds the hopeful unfolding of the journey. When it comes to small group environments, I am a warrior for creating safe places where the participant’s truest spirit feels safe enough to come out and play. A place where you can show up, allow, let go, receive, listen, spread your wings, or whatever is the next need in your life.

2014 Small Group Offerings

Coming September 2014

Life Coach 101 Recess!…A Small Group Experience
Time for recess! Somewhere along the way many of us “grew up” and went inside of structures built by shoulds, society, life needs, fears, frustrations, regret, and on and on. Join me and a few other life travelers as we meet ourselves where we are right now, consider what we’d love to have more of in our lives, and find the path together to step closer into that dream. Recess! Yeah! It’s time to allow our true selves to come back out to play!


Men’s Life Coach 101 Recess Group
5 Sessions
Dates and times:  announced soon
Women’s Life Coach 101 Recess Group
5 Sessions
Dates and times: announced soon
What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to pause and consider the “state of you”
  • Remove a little life debris
  • New tools to navigate your way through life.
  • A sense of community with other people in life’s journey
  • A chance to pause and listen to what you REALLY want in your life
  • Catch your breath. Recess! Play!

Group size limited to 8 participants
Location: Memphis, TN (specifics to follow)
Self Investment: $125
Contact me directly to signup
(Participants in 101 will have the opportunity to choose to continue on with more advanced Coaching classes throughout 2014 – 2015.)

Additional Group Offerings for 2014

There is Big News Coming, but I can’t tell you yet. Soon! It will be a Teleclass (that’s on the phone) and it will hit at the heart of my coaching niche…just know that play, laughter and immense freedom will ensue!  Hint: Whose rulebook are you following?