My Path to Awakening

I am Connie Marie Burnett Cruthirds, born in the 60’s, defined by the 70’s, and refined by the divine everyday.  As a little girl, I loved Shirley Temple movies, memorized every word to Carole King’s “Tapestry”, and from the age of 5 made the rounds daily visiting the neighborhood widows listening to their stories, shucking their peas, and sampling good old fashioned cooking with love. Little did I know, I was already in training to become a writer, communication specialist, photo journeyist and life coach.

My mother, Fannie Belle Burnett, was a leader in the civil rights world.  She taught us to persevere, fight for rights for self and others, and get in there to help free people from whatever has them confined. It is from this deep love and conviction that I listen to and truly see people today.

In the middle of my high school years, I was pulled up from my southern roots and dropped in the middle of Manhattan. Though I kicked and screamed at first, I am forever grateful.  My view of the world exploded as ethnic diversity grew beyond black and white. My world history teacher, Coach Tom Monaco, saw a possibility for greatness in me that had never before been nurtured. He handed me reins attached to belief and I ran with them. As I managed a football, wrestling, and baseball team, I stretched, grew and became a leader with my spirit expressed. This was the first time I met the essential me fully alive. Because Coach saw my gifts and watered them, I learned how to do this for others.

I have spent the past 20 years in leadership and personal development training. Thanks to the lessons from my teachers and amazingly varied adventures, I clearly believe that within each of us there are gifts to be discovered, unwrapped, nurtured, and released into this wild world that needs the essence of each of us to flourish.

Facts, Fluff, and Fancies

  • BA in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications
  • Certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach. Martha Beck, Phd is a Life Coach, monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine and best selling author. (See Enliven)
  • Over 20 years experience creating and facilitating small groups
  • Member of the Memphis Writer’s Ensemble
  • Currently writing a southern fiction novel and a book about the body
  • Married for 25 years to an amazing guy that enjoys my free-spiritedness
  • Mother of two incredible teenagers
  • Disco Queen at heart. Took novice hip hop at Vandy under a fake name.
  • Love public speaking and performance poetry
  • Honored to wake up and play with people all day
  • Love sparkles, dewdrops, and my pup, Belleanny
  • I would travel everyday for the rest of my life especially with my family.
  • Enjoy exercise and sweating a whole lot.
  • My son says “Happiness” is the best word to describe me.
  • I love silence and meditation.
  • I work my own “stuff” everyday.
  • A tree fell on me one time. I got stronger.
  • I find people absolutely fascinating.
  • Life has offered me immense opportunities for growth and I am grateful.
  • I am a “Life Debris Removal Specialist”.